New books! “Ka alle na” (Cultural history) and 2 health books

ka-alle-naCheck out our new books!

Kitab gâyiriya ka alle na nîŋ (PDF, 937 KB)
How people lived in the past – cultural history of the Massalit

Kâciŋ rogora gi ndaŋ-ndaŋ te! (PDF, 2 MB) gardezvosdents
Importance of cleaning your teeth

Fatime kimin̰ mbo tîrmila (PDF, 880 fatiKB)
Story of how Fatime, a child crippled by polio, was able to go to school with the help of Tôm and his friends, and how the village learned that polio vaccination is important.

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New books! Massalit proverbs and 3 easy readers

Check out our new books!

proverbsAŋtiren̰ Masaraa nîŋ (*NEW*)
Normal version (PDF, 700 KB)
Proverbs and idiomatic expressions in Massalit (cultural)


Nîkariyaa ambukula tag (PDF, 108 KB) (*NEW*)
The frog who asked too many questions (story)

Ndâynjara jî nî nene taŋ (PDF, 167 KB) (*NEW*)
The milk seller who was day-dreaming (story)

Kallikandi sîŋgee nû (PDF, 345 KB) (*NEW*)
Why trees are very important in our lives (non-fiction, environment)

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New animal and health books

Kitab sede wara taŋ kucice mbo
Normal version (PDF, 1.2 MB)
sedePicture book of common wild animals and birds with names in 4 languages (Massalit, English, French, Arabic)

Nârkawira waja taŋ nora mbo
healthNormal version (PDF, 991 KB)
Two books in one! 1) General health and hygiene, nutrition, malaria, epidemics, cholera, AIDS  2) How to take care of someone with a fever, cough, wounds, burns, etc.

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New Videos Uploaded! (#3)

A) General videos:
Quick Look at Massalit literacy classes and workshop (2:30)

B) More on alphabet:
Massalit consonants: b and mb (4:49)
Massalit consonants: d and nd (5:16)
Massalit consonants: j and nj (4:56)
Massalit consonants: ŋ / g / ŋg (5:37)
Massalit consonants: n̰ / ŋ / c (3:44)

c) Read-Along Videos:
Kitab 2 Giraye 1 (Book 2 Lesson 1) (1:39)
Kitab 2 Giraye 2 (Book 2 Lesson 2) (2:12)
Kitab 2 Giraye 3 (Book 2 Lesson 3) (2:25)
Kitab 2 Giraye 4 (Book 2 Lesson 4) (2:28)
Kitab 2 Giraye 5 (Book 2 Lesson 5) (1:59)
Kitab 2 Giraye 6 (Book 2 Lesson 6) (1:59)
Kitab 2 Giraye 8 (Book 2 Lesson 8) (1:19)
Kitab 2 Giraye 31 (Book 2 Lesson 31) (4:28)

d) Teaching Classes / Class Videos:
Book 2 Community Class: Step 1 – Landir jera (Review) (7:26)
Book 2 Community Class: Step 2 – Gâr geya (Reading) (10:10)
Book 2 Community Class: Step 3 – Nîkariyaa (Questions/Discussion) (9:31)
Book 2 Community Class: Step 4 – Rumu (Spelling) (9:25)
Book 2 Community Class: Step 5 – Jabur Geya (Creative Writing) (21:21)

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New books uploaded

Our new children’s school books “Book 2 for schools”, Parts 1 and 2!

Grade5-Pt1Kana masarak kitab 2 madrasa tag, Caki gîlaŋgi gi
Normal version (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Printable book version (PDF, 1.5 MB)
This is “Book 2, Part 1” for school children. It has children’s stories, questions, exercises and creative writing ideas.

Kana masarak kitab 2 madrasa tag, Caki mbarlaŋa gi
Normal version (PDF, 800 KB)
Printable Book version (PDF, 800 KB)
This is “Book 2, Part 2” for school children. It has children’s sGrade5-Pt2tories, questions, exercises and creative writing ideas.

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