You can download all our books here. The “Normal version” is a normal page-by-page file. The “Book fold version” is ready to be printed out double-sided and folded into booklets.

Click on the link to open the PDF, then save it to your computer

OR Right-click on the link and “Save Link As”  to save it directly to your computer without opening.

Open the saved file. Go to File –> Print. Click on “Properties” and make sure the Orientation is set to “Landscape”. Make sure your printer is set to “Print on both sides” (Duplex).

The following books are meant to be printed double-sided and folded in half:


Kitab tîŋge mbo gûmma mbo (Kitab ABC for kids)

Teacher’s Book, Vol. 1 (A-L), 2016 (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Teacher’s Book, Vol. 2 (M-Z), 2016 Teacher’s Book, Vol. 2 (M-Z) (PDF, 4.1 MB)

Student’s Book (A-Z), 2016 (PDF, 6.3 MB)

This is a pre-primer called “The letters and sounds of my language”, to introduce small children to the relationship between the sounds and letters of the Massalit alphabet.

Kana masaraka gâr meni! (Kitab 1 / Book 1)
Normal version (6th ed 2013, PDF, 1.5 MB)Kitab1
Book fold version (5th ed 2012, PDF, 3 MB)
This is “Book 1”, for Massalit speakers to learn how to read and write the language. Lessons 1-2 introduce sight words and the idea of reading from left to right. Lessons 3 – 44 contain short stories and exercises to learn the letters of the alphabet.  

We also have a Book 1 Teacher’s Guide (PDF, 123 KB *updated*)  which shows how Book 1 may be used in classes.

Kana masarak Kitab 2 (Book 2)
Normal version (PDF, 1.6 MB) kitab2
Book fold version (PDF, 1.6 MB)
This is “Book 2”, for those who have learned to read Massalit to practise and improve. It contains 41 texts (short stories, poems, dialogues, information). We plan to add exercises and discussion questions later. Learners are also meant to write their own stories and edit them with the help of other learners.

We also have a Book 2 Teacher’s Guide (PDF, 56 KB *updated*) which shows how Book 2 may be used in classes.

Grade5-Pt1Kana masarak Kitab 2 madrasa tag, Caki gîlaŋgi gi (School Book 2, Pt 1)
Normal version 2016 (PDF, 1.4 MB) **UPDATED**
This is “Book 2, Part 1” for school children. It has children’s stories, questions, exercises and creative writing ideas.

Kana masarak Kitab 2 madrasa tag, Caki mbarlaŋa gi (School Book 2, Pt 2)
Normal version (PDF, 800 KB)
This is “Book 2, Part 2” for school children. It has children’s stories, questions, exercises and creative writing ideas.


Kûji kujikana masaraka nî suran̰ mbo
Normal version
(PDF, 2.1 MB)
Book fold version (PDF, 1.7 MB)
A picture dictionary with four languages – Massalit, English, French and Arabic. (dictionary)

Kitab sede wara taŋ kucice mbo
sedeNormal version (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Picture book of common wild animals and birds with names in 4 languages (Massalit, English, French, Arabic) (dictionary, environment)


ka-alle-naKitab gâyiriya ka alle na nî (*NEW*)
Normal version (PDF, 937 KB)
How people lived in the past – cultural history of the Massalit

ajiÂjii Masaraa nîŋa
Normal version (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Book fold version (PDF, 2 MB)
Old and new Massalit songs

proverbsAŋtiren̰ Masaraa nîŋ
Normal version (PDF, 700 KB)
Proverbs and idiomatic expressions in Massalit

Kanaa gûrii ka Masaraa nîŋa (**NEW**)
(PDF, *3.5 MB*)test
A history of the Massalit sultanate, including lists of Massalit villages and clans (“sutu”). Translated from the Arabic-language history by Ibrahim Yahya.  This is the free electronic version with just the inside pages, without cover. The beautiful printed book is available for sale from

insects-animalsNamn̰amire mbo nimiri tuu mbo (PDF, 671 KB) (*NEW*)
A “mini-encyclopedia” of insects, birds, fish, frogs, rodents, snakes, etc. in Massalit.


healthNârkawira waja taŋ nora mbo (PDF, 991 KB)
Two books in one! General health and hygiene, nutrition, malaria, epidemics, cholera, AIDS, and how to take care of a sick person – fever, cough, wounds, burns, etc. (health)

Kâciŋ rogora gi ndaŋ-ndaŋ te! (PDF, 2 MB) (*NEW*)gardezvosdents
Importance of cleaning your teeth

Fatime kimin̰ mbo tîrmila (PDF, 880 fatiKB) (*NEW*)
Story of how Fatime, a child crippled by polio, was able to go to school with the help of Tôm and his friends, and how the village learned that polio vaccination is important.


Kitab jogorofiya hâbutoo dîniya taŋ nûreg (PDF, 4.8 MB) (*NEW*)
Massalit atlas/geography book, with maps of the world and the different continents.


Nîkariyaa ambukula tag (PDF, 108 KB)
The frog who asked too many questions (story)

Ndâynjara jî nî nene taŋ (PDF, 167 KB)
The milk seller who was day-dreaming (story)

Kallikandi sîŋgee nû (PDF, 345 KB)
Why trees are very important in our lives (non-fiction, environment)

Ama kuci ye (I am a bird) (PDF, 362 KB) (story)
Bis tîŋgi (I am a mother cat) (PDF, 301 KB) (story)
Dîk hille ta (I am a rooster)
(PDF, 359 KB) (story)
Înje kâddi (I am a big dog) (PDF, 287 KB) (story)
Kûn̰o kâddi (I am a big fish) (PDF, 249 KB) (story)
Andiyak niyana (The lost chick) (PDF, 249 KB) (story)
Ŋga lo kedem tula? (Who took the eggs?)
(PDF, 303 KB) (story)

Science and nature-related:
Âfurfuraŋgi nomon̰e (I am a butterfly) (PDF, 453 KB)
Lûn̰eya kokori taŋ (The hen) (PDF, 902 KB)
Maŋ saa nî de le (You belong in the water / Frog and Tadpole)  (PDF, 382 KB)

Most of these books have English and/or French translations at the end.


saalangaSaa laŋa (At the waterhole) (PDF, 991 KB) (*NEW*)
One day, one elephant went to drink at the waterhole… (count the animals!)

Joo nintika (Looking for legs) (PDF, 290 KB) (*NEW*)
I went for a walk and what did I see? I saw… (count the legs!)

Nintika Fatime taŋ (Fatime can count) (PDF, 815 KB) (*NEW*)
One day, Fatime’s mother sent her to the market. On the way, Fatime saw… (count from 1 to 10!)


For the following small booklets, the Book fold version is meant to be printed out double-sided (duplex), cut in half, stacked, then folded in the middle:

ajaja“Ajaja” “Ajbaj”
Normal version (3rd ed 2015, PDF, 335 KB)
Book fold version
(2nd ed 2010, PDF, 304 KB)
Massalit riddles. English and French translations at the end. 

Taŋu geya
Normal version (3rd ed 2015, PDF, 434 KB)
Book fold version (2nd ed 2010, PDF, 500 KB)
Steps in building a traditional hut. English and French translations at the end.

Âsurtu geya asurti
Normal version (3rd ed 2015, PDF, 136 KB)
Book fold version
(2nd ed 2010, PDF, 76 KB)
Work in the fields. English and French translations at the end.

Kidime kambas nî mbo mûcoo nî mbo kidime
Normal version (3rd ed 2015, PDF, 1 MB)
Book fold version (2nd ed 2010, PDF, 1.2 MB)
Traditional work of men and women. English and French translations at the end.

Sî gi sigi
Normal version (3rd ed 2015, PDF, 646 KB)
Book fold version
(2nd ed 2010, PDF, 314 KB)
Story of a hungry goat. English and French translations at the end.

We hope you will write and produce your own books as well.

Please feel free to give your comments or corrections below.


18 thoughts on “Books

  1. Thank you!!!!! These are great. I teach English in USA and I have many students from Sudan who are so happy to be learning Masalit literacy.

  2. This is Mohamed Abdurlhman from Canada but I was born in Master left Sudan 2002 this is very important to know and learn own a language,I really appreciate workin so hard and strong brothers and sisters to helping our community. If Hou guys get my email reply agina thanks

  3. My name is Younis Ahmed, am from Sudan (Gadareef in east of Sudan). Really am already graduated from Khartoum University, department of Linguistics and Arabic Literature. Then i left Sudan to Turkey even to complete my master degree and PhD. Alhamdulillah right now am doing my PhD since two years (in next two years i have going to work in my thesis which will be in VERB Of MASARAK AND TURKISH LANGUAGE). Actually i relate with linguistics since 8 years and i did also my license graduate research paper in Verb of Kana Masarak or Masalit Language

  4. I appreciate you all for this great job ,its really help for all kids who living out from massara land in this moment.

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