booksKurnaŋa! Mi gim saba Cad tam mindaye. Ka Masaraa alulu ninda ila kâddur âmbirkarna, “Kitabta kanaa masaraka nîŋa minnde” ire. In ken gani Internet ta gu mena. Kitabta wî molo kula kîndiŋara gâr kena, hâgudu kanaa ŋundi koy katab kenii. In ko kenan, kitabta kanaa masaraka nîŋa kâddur ûti. Assu mîrnaŋa. Mula awun amben.

This site provides Massalit literacy resources for download. The Massalit or Masalit language is known as “kana masarak” or “kana masaraka” by its own speakers. “Kana masaraka gâr meni!” means “Let’s read Massalit!”

We work in a mother tongue literacy project among Massalit speakers in eastern Chad. Having received requests for books and training from Massalit in other countries, we offer this site as a small step toward making some resources available.

For more information or to give us corrections for the materials, please contact us:


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  1. this website is really helpful please provide more info in this website. i am thrill to visit this web. and thank you again for making difference!!

  2. To the person who sent a question about books to learn Masarak (sorry, the email you provided didn’t work, but here is our reply):

    We are sorry but we have do not have books specially for learning Kana Masaraka. Most of our books are for those who already speak Masarak but are learning how to read and write it.

    We do have a picture dictionary in Masarak, English, French and Arabic and
    also a book with names of animals and birds in the 4 languages. Please see
    our Books page and look under “Dictionaries”:


    Thanks! Please let us know if you have more questions.

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