History of the Massalit people now available on Amazon.com

A history of the Massalit people written in the Massalit language is now available for sale via Amazon.com

testDescription: This book is NOT in English. The text is entirely in Massalit, translated from the original Arabic text by Ibrahim Yahya Abdarahman. It includes accounts of the Massalit sultanate and lists of Massalit clans and villages. This book was produced as part of a community-based language development and literacy program.

If you are looking for a history of the Massalit people in English, try “Mahdist Faith and Sudanic Tradition: The History of the Masalit Sultanate, 1870-1930” (1985, KPI Limited) by Lidwein Kapteijns.

Here is the dedicated group of editors who produced this book: