Happy New Year! New Easy Readers available: “I am a bird/dog/cat…” and more!

Check out these easy, short books for beginning readers:

Ama kuci ye (I am a bird) (PDF, 362 KB)
Bis tîŋgi (I am a mother cat) (PDF, 301 KB)
Dîk hille ta (I am a rooster)
(PDF, 359 KB)
Înje kâddi (I am a big dog) (PDF, 287 KB)
Kûn̰o kâddi (I am a big fish) (PDF, 249 KB)
Andiyak niyana (The lost chick) (PDF, 249 KB)
Ŋga lo kedem tula? (Who took the eggs?)
(PDF, 303 KB)

And slightly longer books, with science and nature themes:

Âfurfuraŋgi nomon̰e (I am a butterfly) (PDF, 453 KB)
Lûn̰eya kokori taŋ (The hen) (PDF, 902 KB)
Maŋ saa nî de le (You belong in the water / Frog and Tadpole)  (PDF, 382 KB)

Most of these books have English and French translations at the end.

See all our books on the Books page.


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