New books! 3 counting books

Three books that help you count from 1 to 10 in Massalit:

saalangaSaa laŋa (At the waterhole) (PDF, 991 KB)
One day, one elephant went to drink at the waterhole…

Joo nintika (Looking for legs) (PDF, 290 KB)
I went for a walk and what did I see? I saw…

Nintika Fatime taŋ (Fatime can count) (PDF, 815 KB)
One day, Fatime’s mother sent her to the market. On the way, Fatime saw…


New books! “Ka alle na” (Cultural history) and 2 health books

ka-alle-naCheck out our new books!

Kitab gâyiriya ka alle na nîŋ (PDF, 937 KB)
How people lived in the past – cultural history of the Massalit

Kâciŋ rogora gi ndaŋ-ndaŋ te! (PDF, 2 MB) gardezvosdents
Importance of cleaning your teeth

Fatime kimin̰ mbo tîrmila (PDF, 880 fatiKB)
Story of how Fatime, a child crippled by polio, was able to go to school with the help of Tôm and his friends, and how the village learned that polio vaccination is important.

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