How to type Massalit?

Some people have asked how they can type in Massalit (including the ’ŋ’ and ’n̰’ etc) on their own computers. We have some special keyboards that can make it easier. One way is to use the free Keyman software with Tchad Unicode keyboard. See our new Computing page for more information.


5 thoughts on “How to type Massalit?

  1. Firstly let me thank you for this nice work I thank you grateful.
    This is my language I love it very much and much and I’m studying in faculty of education. department of English I hope to be English teacher my language help as well as we d

  2. Human rights education and development!
    We will know everything through our language I see a lot of dreams all people able educate themselves clearly as soon as possible to my people!
    I love you thank you♥♡♥♡

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