New Videos posted (#1)

The first batch of videos from our video project have been posted on Youtube under the username kanamasaraka. There are links to all the videos on our Video page and also on Youtube.

The 8 videos posted are:

A) Introduction

01 Why Massalit Literacy? (Ŋgo ru giraye kana masaraka gi ndaŋ ndaŋ toŋ?) (4:23)

02 Why these videos (Ŋgo ru vîdiyon̰ wî mena ye?) (1:04)

03 How to use these videos (Ŋgo ken vîdiyon̰ wî mbo kâyiritiyoŋ?) (2:50)

B) Learning the Alphabet (Tîŋge ndeta)

ABC Masarak (Massalit Alphabet Chart) *NEW* (3:09)

Tîŋge sulo nene 10 na wî (Massalit Vowels) (7:05)

Tîŋge sâgi nene katab geya (Writing the sagi vowels) (2:35)

C) Read-Alongs Kitab 1

Note: Download Book 1 “Kana masaraka gâr meni!” from our Books page

Kitab 1 Giraye 1 (Book 1 Lesson 1) (2:39)

Kitab 1 Giraye 2 (Book 1 Lesson 2) (5:36)

More to come…


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